1. Classes are must for a minimum of 90 days in each semester. Hence, classes may be arranged on holidays to make up short fall in 90 days or otherwise to meet the University requirement.
2. Each candidate is required to attend minimum 75% of the scheduled lectures / Tutorials / Practicals to be eligible to appear in examination of a subject. If a candidate fails to meet the requirement, he/she will be detained and debarred from appearing in the University examination of that subject.
3. A maximum of 10% of the lectures held can be condoned in subject owing to serious illness, natural calamity and participation in games/sports or for any other good and sufficient reason depending on facts others good and sufficient reason depending on facts from case to case.

Internal / sessional marks are awarded on the basis of continuous evaluation of the students through Class Tests, Quizzes, Seminars, Home Assignments and Class Work. Two Mid Semesters Test (MSTs) are conducted during the semester and an average of the MSTs will be considered.

1. All the students are required to follow the Uniform code on all working days (Except Wednesday & Saturday) while attending the college.
2. On the occasions and functions, the students will be in prescribed uniform and also whenever the students go out to other college university to participated in Co-curricular or Extra-curricular activities or to attend any Placement, interviews etc.
3. The students are expected to be dressed up decently and smartly. Any type of T-Shirts, Jeans Paint, Slipper/Sandals/Floaters are not allowed.
4. Defaulters will be fined Rs. 50/- each day.

Students should be in possession of Identity Card while moving in the Campus. Defaulters will be fined Rs. 50/-. A new Identity Card will be issued in case of Lost / damaged card with a fine of Rs. 250/-. A copy of F.I.R. is required in case of Loss.

Ragging of any student is strictly prohibited. Indulgence in ragging will lead to strict disciplinary action up to the extent of expulsion from the Institution.

No fee in full or in part thereof except security deposit will be refunded, if any Student leaves the Institute before the completion of the Course. All the cases of the refund will dealt as per the norm of RTU / AICTE / INSTITUTE.

Students are required to apply for leave of the absence to the HOD and get it sanctioned on application before availing. Absence from classes without any valid reason will be taken as an act of indiscipline, a fine to the extent of Rs. 50/- will also be levied in case of Mass Bunk.

Student must read the notices regularly. Any notice displayed on the College Notice Board will amount to serving of the notice to the student concerned. Not having read the Notice cannot be taken as an excuse.

Other Rules

  • 1). Student must observe silence in the library, Computer Labs, Corridors and Offices.
  • 2). If as a result of demonstration/strike/mischief, any property/equipment in the campus is damaged and loss is caused to the Institute, the same would be recovered either directly from those identified student(s) wherever possible, or else collectively form the group of students who would be found responsible for this.
  • 3). It is the responsibility of the student/parents to inform the change of address / email / phone / mobile number in the student section through Head of Department.
  • 4). Students are advised to opt for college transport facility for their safety and to be punctual in classes. However, Institute will not be held responsible for any kind of mishap if the students are traveling by Private Transport / other modes of transportation.
  • 5). Hostel/Transport facility (if allowed) is for complete one academic year and it cannot be discontinued in between the academic session.
  • 6). Students availing the hostel facility must read and observe all the hostel rules and regulations carefully.
  • 7). Day scholars are not allowed to enter the hostel premises on any pretext, if found, Disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulter.
  • 8). Students are not allowed to leave the Campus before the official closing time of College.
  • 9). Students cannot call or meet any friend or relative inside the campus without written permission/ approval of college authorities.
  • 10). Any student found spreading rumors or negative talks against institute or institute authorities inside or outside the campus will be expelled from the college immediately and legal action will be taken against him/her.
  • 11). During classes time Students found roaming in corridors , lawns will be fined.
  • 12). During academic / classroom timing students are not allowed to sit in cafeteria/canteen and if found sitting will be fined.
  • 13). Students after entering in college campus will not be allowed to leave the campus during class timings. In emergency he or she will be allowed through written permission and gate pass from college authorities.
  • 14). Fee structure does not include any security for course fee/academic fee and will not be claimable at end of course.
  • 15). One training program for improving technical / soft skill set of students is compulsory for every student once a year and training fee for such class is compulsory to be paid by the students.

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