Rare Opportunity For NIET Students


FORV Sagar Sampada Cruise

Our country is blessed with a vast coastal line. The living and non-living resources of the ocean contribute greatly towards the economic progress of our country. In order to explore economic avenues from the ocean, the Ministry of Earth Sciences has been created. The knowledge of ocean resources is not well known to the general scientific community but it's importance cannot be ignored.

We, at NIET realize the importance of the ocean resources and hence desire our students to acquaint themselves of it's relevance. The concerned Research Department appreciates the importance of upliftment of the rural, semi-urban population in all fields of Science & Technology and NIET students are being regularly selected as participants in their Research Programmes. Till date all the students who have participated in these Research Programmes exhibit self confidence.

It is to the benefit of students that no financial burden is imposed on their parents while participating in these Research programmes of duration three weeks. The successful completion of participation is duly awarded by the Ministry with a participation Certificate.


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